Talon Bloed was the son of famed assassin Major Blood and Fist of Justice fighter pilot Bestine Holvin. He was raised on Taldornadi by his father and trained to become a Blood Corps assassin, quickly rising through the ranks of that organization. He led the Blood Corps' first off-world venture in decades in the Takeover of Karmathia, a planet that had previously been affiliated with the Fist of Justice before falling under Imperial control. There Talon discovered and captured his mother and half brother, Gareth Holvin, who had been hiding on Karmathia from Major Bloed.

Information Edit

Born: 16 BBY; Taldornadi.

Species: Human

Family: Major Bloed (father), Bestine Holvin (mother), Khlorinne Bloed (sister), Gareth Holvin (half-brother), Leia Organa (wife), Rose Bloed/Black Queen (adopted daughter), Addison Bloed (daughter), Julien Bloed (son).

Affiliation: Blood Corps, Fist of Justice.

Homeworld: Taldornadi.

-Non-Canon- Edit

Talon Bloed was the son of famed assassin Major Blood and Fist of Justice fighter pilot Bestine Holvin. As an adult Talon joined his father's elite force the Blood Corps. After Major Blood's death, Talon took command of the remainder of the Blood Corps, but that did not last long and his main base was soon attacked by the Fist of Justice, led personally by Lord Nihalis. Talon tried to subdue Nihalis but was held off by his apprentice (and Talon's half-brother, though he didn't know it at the time), Gareth Holvin. Talon managed to escape and regrouped the few agents that had survived. During this time his mother returned and joined the Blood Corps, working with Talon. When New Telmaros Chief of State Governor Pitellan pleaded for the aid of the Blood Corps when Taldornadi came under threat of the Empire, Talon agreed and played a pivotal role in the defense of New Telmaros. Because of its heroic deeds, the Blood Corps was granted amnesty and reinstated in its position with the FoJ, now that Major Blood and Lord Nihalis were both dead. An agreement was also made with the Rebel Alliance and Talon began working with Leia Organa. When peace talks on Mandalore were sabotaged by an ex-Blood Corps assassin, Talon and Leia responded and rushed to Coruscant, where an emergency peace conference was held to end the war and Talon killed the traitorous assassin.

With peace now made and governments shifting, Talon was asked by Governor Pitellan, now an aged man, to replace him as New Telmaros's Chief of State. Reluctantly, Talon agreed and, with Pitellan's continuous aid, took on the position. A few months later, Leia moved to Taldornadi with Talon to rule alongside him.