The Skirmish of Sullust is the name given to the fight that ensued when Major Blood and several dozen assassins from the Blood Corps attempted to apprehend his daughter, Khlorinne Bloed. They were met with incredible resistance by Khlorinne and her companions and unable to succeed. Major Blood himself was killed by Khlorinne's ally, Redjaw, and Osk, a friend of Redjaw's. The Blood Corps itself went into collapse as Major Blood was killed along with most of its officers and best men who fell to Khlorinne, her allies, and the rebel Casaya Team which was also involved. The battle was the climax of Casaya Team's career, as the team fell apart soon afterward, and ended the foursome of Khlorinne Bloed, Sironne Ostobel, Jorum Bark, and Redjaw. Khlorinne and Sironne ended up joinig forces with the former's brother, Talon Bloed.

Information Edit

Date: 2.04.6 ABY

Location: The abandoned Imperial Manufacturing Plant, Sullust.

Combatants Edit

Blood Corps Edit

Major Blood*

Talon Bloed

Four dozen assassins.

Fugitives Edit

Khlorinne Bloed


Sironne Ostobel

Jorum Bark

Casaya Team Edit

Sergeant Griggs

Me-Dari Callo

Elisza Arins


Dyrell Fargost