Roendar Nakiim was a Coruscanti Human deemed to be Force-sensitive and thus was taken for Jedi training. In the later stages of initiate training he began to be mentored by Councilor Nioman Dokoora, who promised to train him as a padawan. However, just before Roendar took the Padawan Test he learned that Dokoora had left the Jedi. In a state of distress, Roendar failed the test and fled the Temple in search of Dokoora, whom he later found. Dokoora agreed to allow Roendar to stay with him and train him in the Force, though not necessarily as a Jedi. As Dokoora made a name for himself outside the Republic, Roendar worked behind the scenes to do jobs that would further his Master's designs.

He continued training under Dokoora for years and, after some events that left Dokoora emotionally compromised, Roendar managed his Master's affairs and later took on the Sith title of Darth Miikan while Dokoora became known as Darth Nihalis. By the time the Clone War broke out, Roendar, now Miikan, had amassed considerable abilities in the Dark Side of the Force. During the war, Nihalis's men, the Fist of Justice, straddled both sides, making profit wherever possible. Miikan oversaw many of these jobs, including one to Aphonia where he briefly captured High Councilors Kyidyin Muchian and Depa Billaba. While most of Nihalis's staff became occupied with the Hunt for Major Blood in the third year of the War, Miikan set about building a secret base on Naboo, where the Fist relocated after its primary headquarters on Telmaros fell. Once Naboo was discovered by the Jedi, Miikan headed its defense. However, unbeknownst to him, Nihalis had other plans and Miikan was abandoned there and left to die at the hands of Jedi Knight Maran Teesa.

Information Edit

Born: 58 BBY, Coruscant

Died: 19 BBY, Naboo

Affiliation: Fist of Justice, Jedi Order

Weapon: Red lightsabers.

Lightsaber Form: Niman, Jar-Kai

Master: Nioman Dokoora/Darth Nihalis