Rena was the accidental third child of Azarp and Mihra Bark, born when her brother and sister were both adults and married. She took heavily after her father and her relationship with her parents was a rocky one, so she ended up spending more of her life with her brother Jorum on Arebeddon than with her parents on Naboo. Enough so that Jorum and his wife Sironne became more like her parents, especially as they had no children of their own. Rena was strong in the Force and learned how to use it at Force-Haven. As war began brewing in 28 ABY, Rena went with Jorum and Sironne to Taldornadi. During that time Azarp and Mihra were killed and Rena stayed on the planet while Jorum and Sironne returned home. There Rena took up residence with the Blood Corps unit Team Bayon and fell in love with its medic, James Franklin. After several months there Rena made the decision to pursue Force training with Gareth Holvin and begin what would be a long and difficult, but rewarding partnership between the two as Rena pushed her abilities far beyond the basic level taught at Force-Haven.

Information Edit

Born: 8 ABY; Naboo.

Species: Human.

Family: Azarp Bark; father, Mihra Bark; mother, Jorum Bark; brother, Doreen Bark; sister.

Affiliation: Force-Haven, Republic of New Telmaros.

Weapon: Blue Lightsaber.