Nioman was born in 84 BBY, during the waning years of the Old Republic. He was taken in as an infant by the Jedi Order. From a young age his skills were exceptional, but he was skeptical and did not easily subscribe to Jedi dogma. At age twelve he was chosen as a padawan by Reesa Doliq and began to pursue the Jedi path of a Sentinel. Nioman became very close with Reesa and was heavily affected by her death on Tartania five years into his apprenticeship. He spent the rest of his time until knighthood training under High Councilor Ramo Batrorio.

As a young Jedi Knight, Nioman chosen Luminara Unduli as his padawan learner and became closely associated with High Sentinel Thame Cerulian. It was Thame who taught Nioman about the dark side and convinced him that the Sith were not extinct as the Jedi taught. Much of the rest of Nioman's Jedi career was filled with a search for evidence of the Sith's existence. Despite considerable findings, the High Council paid no heed to Nioman's warnings and after a diplomatic incident where Nioman perceived the Council as making the morally wrong choice in order to appease the Senate, he parted ways with the Jedi Order. During that time he continued his investigations, while amassing a fortune and buildings his influence in such places as Karmathia and Telmaros, where he founded a pirate-based military organization known as the Fist of Justice. He also partnered with assassin and tech expert Major Bloed and helped him found the Blood Corps.

Nioman then became interested in partnering with the budding Confederacy of Independent Systems, only to learn that its leader, Count Dooku, was a Sith apprentice, and that the Trade Federation had once been in business with a second Sith. Ultimately Dooku found out about Nioman's meddling, forcing him to flee. When the Clone War broke out, Nioman focused on profiteering and building his own reach until 20 BBY when the Jedi tracked the Fist of Justice and the Blood Corps to Telmaros and defeated them there, forcing them to retreat to Taldornadi. Nioman's apprentice Roendar Nakiim was shortly thereafter killed by a Jedi on Naboo.

Nioman spent the reign of the Galactic Empire hedging his defenses on Taldornadi, refusing to meddle much in galactic affairs lest he catch the Emperor's attention. During this time he became concerned with passing on his legacy and took on Sironne Ostobel as an apprentice. She failed to meet his expectations but for the time being Nioman had no alternative and thus spent a great deal of time searching the galaxy with his mind for suitable candidates. That's when he learned of Gareth Holvin, the son of ex-Fist of Justice fighter pilot Bestine Holvin. He made contact with Bestine, promising her protection from her ex-husband Major Bloed, and sent Sironne to retrieve her and Gareth.

Information Edit

Born: 84 BBY; unknown.

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Fist of Justice.

Jedi Path: Sentinel.

Weapon: Yellow Lightsaber.

Lightsaber Form: Niman.

Masters: Reesa Doliq, Ramo Batrorio, Thame Cerulian (mentor).

Apprentices: Luminara Unduli (Jedi), Roendar Nakiim, Sironne Ostobel, Gareth Holvin.

Biography Edit

Personality and Traits Edit

From a young age, Nioman was a deep thinker and very skeptical, and had a hard time accepting the Jedi teachings as unquestionable truths. He had a thirst for knowledge and never took anything at face value, traits that were encouraged by Thame Cerulian and demonstrated by Nioman's incessant search for the truth about the Sith.

Nioman was pragmatic but also moral and valued not only the lives, but the wellbeing of the people around him. He was fiercely loyal to the people close to him, but very sensitive to perceived betrayals. He had a tendency to become reclusive and was not easily trusting, and thus highly valued the people he deemed trustworthy. He was also ambitious, and always pushed himself to greater heights of swordsmanship and proficiency with the Force.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Throughout his life, Nioman was a skilled swordsman. He was a practitioner of Form VI, Niman, which incorporated a varied arsenal of lightsaber techniques. Nioman believed he could push the form to its limits, and thus master all methods of lightsaber combat and give him a technique that was both unpredictable and lacking in any major weaknesses. Indeed Nioman did become a fearsome swordsman and even more capable duelist. At the height of his power there were few who could best him.

In addition to this, he was strong with the Force. One notable indication of this is when he conjured force lightning against Dooku on Tartania while still a padawan learner. While, in his Jedi career, Nioman put less focus into his Force training, he was still capable and could integrate various powers into his fighting style, as was common for practitioners of Form VI. These abilities only grew as he aged and allowed more time for study of the Force in all of its aspects.