New Telmaros was the capital of the Republic of New Telmaros, and its largest city. It was first settled in 20 BBY as a military base on the isolated planet of Taldornadi, but quickly became the center of operations for the Fist of Justice.

New Telmaros

A map of New Telmaros and surrounding cities. (Labels will be added soon)

The city, in 9 BBY, was split into two districts: Industrial Center, run directly by the Fist of Justice and containing all factories, academies, and other military buildings in the city, and Residential, where most of the city's population dwelt, with many going to work during the day in Industrial Center.

The entire city was protected by a shield generator, which could absorb blasts of almost any magnitude.

Information Edit

Founded: 20 BBY.

Location: Ramo's Ridge, Taldornadi.

Population: 1,500,000.

Loyalty: Republic of New Telmaros.