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Mihra as a Jedi Padawan.

Mihra Reyven was the padawan learner of Teuch Neuko during the years leading up to the Clone War. She became a Jedi Knight in 21 BBY and, like thousands of other Jedi, served as a general in the Clone War. She fought in the Battle of Telmaros as well as many others throughout the war. Her secret lover, Azarp Bark, was expelled in 20 BBY but Mihra followed him to Tatooine after Order 66, which she survived thanks to the sacrifice of Dotina Heyorr.

She and Azarp had two sons, Jorum and Will and lived in peace and solitude for a while, but eventually Azarp grew restless and abandoned the family, leaving Mihra to raise two adolescent sons by herself. In 6 ABY she acquired enough money for a ship and, hearing of the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, left for Arebeddon, where her former master had sought sanctuary. Teuch agreed to train Jorum, while Mihra and Will left for the Rebel Alliance in search of Luke Skywalker.

Information Edit

Born: 38 BBY

Species: Human.

Family: Azarp Bark (husband), Jorum Bark (son), Will Bark (son), Rena Bark (daughter).

Affiliation: Jedi Order.

Jedi Path: Guardian.

Weapon: Blue lightsaber.

Lightsaber Form: Ataru, Soresu.

Master: Teuch Neuko.