Mereen was born just before the end of the Galactic Civil War, in which her father, paternal grandparents, and all her paternal aunts and uncles were killed. She was raised by her mother's family until the age of thirteen, when she moved to Arebeddon, to Force-Haven, a camp for young Force sensitives run by Jorum and Sironne Bark. She continued to live there for nine years, until taking up occupation with Casaya Team, where she experienced real battle for the first time.

She was the only Force Sensitive on the team not taken as an apprentice by newly-rejuvenated Anakin Skywalker, and thus took up training to improve her skills in other areas to make sure she continued to be an asset to the team, despite her fairly basic and limited amount of Force training.

Information Edit

Born: 7 ABY; Ryloth

Species: Twi'lek.

Affiliation: Casaya Team.

Weapon: Blue Lightsaber.