Maran Teesa was a Human Jedi Knight during the years of the Clone War. As an infant he was taken from Theed, Naboo for Jedi Training. As a padawan he was chosen by Nautolan Master Cato Gisera. Gisera and Teesa were abroad during the Battle of Geonosis on Consular duties but returned to the Jedi Temple to become Jedi Generals in the war. Major battles Teesa was involved in were Torvania and Naboo. He looked up to Master Oppo Rancisis and was affected greatly by the Thisspiasian's death on Saleucami. Teesa was a major proponent in the Battle of Naboo and killed Dark Jedi Miikan. As Order 66 was enacted, he felt the tragedy occurring across the galaxy and immediately contacted Gisera, but too late. Teesa managed to escape the compound and head to Theed and from there fly off-planet before the clones caught up to him. He then went into hiding, gathering other surviving Jedi around him and waiting for an opportunity to strike at the Emperor. In 16 BBY, he took a chance but failed and was slain by Palpatine as were the other Jedi with him. 

Information Edit

Born: 40 BBY; Naboo

Died: 16 BBY; Coruscant

Species: Human.

Family: N/A

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Jedi Path: Consular

Weapon: Green Lightsaber

Lightsaber Form: Soresu, Ataru

Master: Cato Gisera, Oppo Rancisis (mentored)

Hair: blond

Eyes: brown

Biography Edit

Personality and Traits Edit

"For so many years I looked up to you, wanted to be you. I became a swordsman because that's what you were. I knew that would never be where I would thrive, but I wanted to make you proud. First and foremost I'm a Consular; I always have been. This war has changed you. You're not the Jedi you once were, but a cold and ruthless warrior. I won't allow myself to follow in those footsteps. I have to follow Master Rancisis and study the Force so that I can become the Jedi I want to be - that I'm meant to be.
"I'm sorry, Cato, but this is the path I have to take."
~Maran, to his former master, Cato Gisera.
Maran was not one to sit by and let things happen, as evidenced by his unwillingness to go into hiding as so many other Jedi had done after Order 66.

While he and Cato were both people of action, Maran held strong ideals which his master did not. Maran believed the Jedi Code of utmost importance and would never compromise innocent lives, no matter what the cost. While he often found fighting in a war difficult, he could not sit by on the sidelines, and thus did all in his power to support the Jedi effort in the war.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Maran was first a foremost a Consular, which was clear in the areas he focused on most. He was exceptionally talented in using and understanding the Force for his age, and was widely praised by Master Oppo Rancisis, one of the most renowned Force-users in the Order. From Rancisis Maran learned basic Battle Meditation, though he never became particularly skilled in it.

Despite his Consular alignment, Maran did not allow his lightsaber training to fall to the wayside, and was proficient in both Soresu and Ataru by the end of the Clone War. He was a strong enough duelist to best Dark Jedi Roendar Nakiim, trained by expert swordsman Darth Nihalis.