Major Blood, as he began titling himself early in life, as a play on his last name "Bloed", was an accomplished freerange spy and assassin during the 30s and early 20s BBY, before being hired by Nioman Dokoora, head of the Fist of Justice. In the early years of that employment Major Blood created an elite force known as the Blood Corps which would be deadly effective during the Clone War, which Major Blood was an active participant in. Major Blood with the rest of the Fist of Justice was forced to flee to Taldornadi in 20 BBY but he continued operations there for many years, working covert operations against the Galactic Empire. In total Major Blood's employment by the Fist of Justice lasted 32 years, all the way up until his sixties.

The Blood Corps cut ties with the Fist of Justice in 5 ABY and went rogue, now directed fully by Major Blood, though he himself was rarely active, leaving much of the field leadership to his son Talon (as his daughter, Khlorinne, was unreliable and no longer following orders). Just barely a year after leaving the Fist, Major Blood did personally lead a taskforce, this one with the mission to apprehend Khlorinne who was undermining Bloof Corps operations. The operation did not go as planned and Major Blood was killed by "Redjaw", a friend of Khlorinne's.

Information Edit

Born: 56 BBY.

Died: 6 ABY; Sullust.

Species: Human.

Family: Khlorinne Bloed; daughter, Talon Bloed; son.

Affiliation: Blood Corps, Fist of Justice.

Occupation: Assassin.