Kyssek was a Rebel fighter pilot who fought in the Battle of Yavin and Endor, piloting his trusty X-Wing on each occasion. He was one of the volunteers to join Casaya Team, which had been assembled to rescue rebel leaders Han Solo and Leia Organa after they suddenly went MIA, shortly after the Battle of Endor. Kyssek served as the team's pilot, though he found himself in uncomfortable straights when he was forced into a field situation in order to rescue most of the team. As the pilot he did not spend as much time with the rest of the team members and didn't bond so much with them, save for perhaps his co-pilot Dyrell Fargost, but he was respected and valued for his contributions to the team, and was disliked by none.

Information Edit

Born: 22 BBY; Nar Shadaa

Species: Quarren.

Affiliation: Rebel Alliance, Casaya Team.