Kilm Trasso was a Nautolan born in the final years of the Galactic Republic. When Kilm was very young her parents moved to Coruscant to escape from the Clone War. They did not intend to stay but after the war ended there was never enough money to move back to Glee Anselm so Kilm and her family remained on Coruscant, in the heart of an increasingly prejudiced Empire.

In 1 ABY Kilm acquired a ship and left Corsucant, hoping to become part of the Rebel Alliance, which had become known on Coruscant after the Death Star was destroyed. Kilm eventually found them on their base on Hoth, where she became a skilled pilot and fighter. She was not present for the Battle of Hoth but was on the crew of the Home One during the Battle of Endor.

Kilm was one of several rebels selected by Leia Organa and Kervis Griggs to comprise the special forces unit Casaya Team.

Information Edit

Born: 24 BBY; Glee Anselm.

Species: Nautolan.

Affiliation: Rebel Alliance, Casaya Team.

Weapon: Heavy assault rifle.