Julien Bloed was the second child of New Telmaros Chiefs of State Talon Bloed and Leia Organa. From the start he was raised in a very political and military background, and attended the Telmaros Military Academy as a teenager. Unknown to his family, while his academic skill was great, he suffered in practical application and did poorly in mock field assignments. This led Julien to decide that the academy did not suit him for such training, and he though real field experience would be more helpful. He gained his parents' permission to join Casaya Team, a Coalition unit whose CO, Sergeant Griggs, was a close friend of Leia's. However, as tensions rose between the Coalition and New Telmaros, Julien was put in a difficult position as his loyalties were tested.

He was reclusive by nature, and was rarely seen socializing with the rest of the team, instead remaining cooped up in his quarters. This and his poor ability to follow orders when given got on several team members' nerves, even Griggs'. The only friend Julien had on the team was its new sniper, Scarlet Fever, who joined shortly after he did.

Information Edit

Born: 10 ABY; Taldornadi

Species: Human

Family: Talon Bloed; father, Leia Organa; mother, Rose Gabar; adoptive sister, Addison Bloed; sister

Affiliation: Republic of New Telmaros, Casaya Team.