Horace Pitellan was the governor of the Fist of Justice for nineteen years, before becoming Chief of State of the Republic of New Telmaros in 15 BBY. He was a major component in building the society of the Fist of Justice and a key player in gathering support for the organization. He was also responsible for the successful defense of New Telmaros in 7 ABY when, in the absence of Lord Nihalis, he was able to gain the support of the Blood Corps and the Rebel Alliance while the Fist of Justice fleet was tied up on Dorin and unable to reach Taldornadi in time. In the aftermath of that battle he arranged the permanent reassimilation of the Blood Corps back into the Fist of Justice and pursued a long-term alliance with the Rebel High Command.

Information Edit

Born: 71 BBY.

Species: Human

Affiliation: Fist of Justice, Republic of New Telmaros.

Position: Governor of the Fist of Justice (34-15 BBY), Chief of State of New Telmaros (15 BBY-?)

Relationships Edit

Lord Nihalis Edit

While Pitellan showed unflinching loyalty to Lord Nihalis from forty years, when it became clear that Nihalis had abandoned the Fist of Justice and New Telmaros, he did not hesitate to take full command and make arrangements that went against Nihalis's previous actions, such as allying with the Blood Corps and Rebel Alliance, both of which had been alienated under Nihalis's rule.