Enoran was born and raised in the Seletian capital of Ayreera during the reign of Queen Rianna. As a teenager he began working in his father's marketing business. However, due to tough times the business began to fail and Enoran's father was forced to get involved in the black market to support his family. His actions were found out and he was incarcerated by the Queen's men when Enoran was twenty-one. After that, he was forced to fend for himself and began working to overthrow the Queen, eventually forming his own band called the Liberators of Selete. It was later joined by none other than Reyna Doliq, escaped daughter of Queen Rianna,

Reyna and Enoran worked closely over the following years and began to form a more than professional relationship though how far it went is unknown. Enoran had been leading the LoS for eight years when the Jedi came to Andemeria. Later, Jedi Padawan Nioman Dokoora showed up at Enoran's camp after rescuing Luminara Unduli from the Queen's captivity. Nioman stayed with the rebels for several weeks and helped then fend off the Royal Army. However, due to a major misunderstanding Enoran found himself under attack by Republic forces and was killed along with many of his people that day. Of all the Liberators, Reyna was the only known survivor.


Born: 98 BBY, Andemeria

Died: 66 BBY, Andemeria

Family: Sabod Grevvek; father

Affiliation: Liberators of Selete

Appearances: Jedi Exile, From Many Comes One


Behind the Scenes Edit

Enoran was originally created for the Andemeria arc of Jedi Exile. Since then, he became a favorite of Caleb's and has appeared in the roleplay From Many Comes One, with plans for appearances in future work.

He is also slated to appear in an upcoming Original Fiction by Caleb.