Dyrell Fargost was from Alderaan and joined the Rebel Alliance after his planet was blown up by the Empire. He was one of ten soldiers to join the Casaya Team, an elite force whose mission was to locate the missing Leia Organa and Han Solo. He stayed mostly out of the bickering that went on with several of the team members and became a co-pilot of sorts after the former occupant of that duty, Rit Dagon, was killed. As a fellow pilot, Dyrell became good friends with Kyssek.

While easily intimidated, Dyrell proved his mettle early on and even convinced Kyssek to join him in boarding a enemy-controlled space station to bail out the rest of the team who had gotten split up and trapped onboard.

Information Edit

Born: 22 BBY; Alderaan.

Species: Human.

Affiliation: Rebel Alliance, Casaya Team.