Female Jedi Knight

Dotina Heyorr during the Battle of Torvania.

Dotina Heyorr was a Jedi Knight during the years of the Clone War. She was the padawan learner of Tarados Gon and became a Knight in the first year of the war. She fought in such battles as Torvania and Ragdon, but was killed during Order 66.

Information Edit

Born: 39 BBY; Torvania

Died: 19 BBY; medical space station

Species: Human

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Jedi Path: Consular

Weapon: Green Lightsaber

Lightsaber Form: Shii-Cho

Master: Tarados Gon

Biography Edit

Pre-War Edit

Jedi Initiate Edit

While a gifted student, young Dotina often struggled with more practical displays of skill. She was also a rival of fellow students Azarp Bark and Cinigan Dokoora who often set up situations to make Dotina fail in front of Jedi Masters. One such instance happened when they caused her to trip in front of Cato Gisera, and incident after which she became known as "the clumsy padawan." Ironically, this label is what led her future master Tarados Gon to her, as he sympathized with her situation and shortcomings.

Clone War Edit

Jakku Edit

Tarados and Dotina were assigned to destroy a droid factory on Jakku alongside Plo Koon, Bultar Swan, and their padawans.

Torvania Edit

One of Dotina's assignments was to her homeworld of Torvania.

Ragdon Edit

On Ragdon, Dotina's last assignment as Tarados' padawan, she held off Asajj Ventress for a short time and played a key role in the battle.

Death Edit

In the last several months of the war, Dotina was assigned to watch over a medical station with her close friend Mihra Reyven. They were there when Order 66 was enacted and though they fought for some time, Dotina was eventually slain, though Mihra survived and escaped to Tatooine.

Personality and Traits Edit

Dotina was not a naturally skilled negotiator, but nonetheless chose to become a Consular and preferred nonviolent means to combat. Her most used tactic was to use a show of force, typically some display of Force power, to make others more willing to work with the Jedi.

She was an excellent student and made friends with those of similar academic proficiency.

Dotina always followed orders from higher-ranking Jedi and rarely ever questioned them. She expected the same attitude from those under her command.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Dotina was skilled with a lightsaber, though she never branched off from Shii-Cho and thus was weak in several areas, such as one-on-one combat. Her bladework was strong enough to keep her alive throughout the Clone War as a heavily active Jedi Knight.

Most of her Force strengths were in heightening her speed and reflexes, but she was able to wield such abilities as telekinesis and Force push.

Dotina was an excellent student and did very well as a padawan learner and was knighted at the fairly young age of eighteen.