The Battle of Serenno was a major engagement in the Clone War, fought by a huge Jedi fleet under Plo Koon and Adi Gallia, and an equally massive Separatist force led by Sora Bulq. The Republic fleet was initially led to the sector hunting for assassin Major Blood, but when the opportunity came to strike in such a prime area of Separatist space, they could not resist. However. the CIS scrounged together an impressive defending fleet of its own. Though hesitant, the Jedi continued forward, beginning the single biggest space engagement in the war save for the Battle of Coruscant.

After a great deal of ships battering one another, a group of Jedi got on board Bulq's flagship, engaging him in combat while Knight Cinigan Dokoora infiltrated the bridge and succeeding in pulling the ship out of formation, leaving it vulnerable to Republic fire. This gave the previously losing Republic fleet an edge,and Sora Bulq fled the battlefield, leaving his fleet in disarray and allowing much of it to either be captured or decimated. It was the loss the CIS never really recovered from, and it pushed them on the defensive for almost all of the remainder of the war.

Participants Edit

Leaders Edit

Republic Edit

High Councilor Plo Koon

High Councilor Adi Gallia

High Councilor Teuch Neuko

High Councilor Kyidyin Muchian

Confederacy of Independent Systems Edit

General Sora Bulq

Republic Forces Edit

Master Cato Gisera

Master Siri Tachi

Master Cadad Darian*

Master Sellon Tamor

Master Yurel Belvor*

Knight Mihra Reyven

Knight Cinigan Dokoora

Knight Azarp Bark

Republic Assault Ships

Clone Gunships

Arc-170 Starfighters

Clone Troopers

Separatist Forces Edit

Separatist Capital Ships

Vulture Droids

Battle Droids

Super Battle Droids

Battle History Edit

Aftermath Edit

While Republic forces were damaged and its main fleet weakened, the Separatist fleet was decimated, and Serenno, homeworld of Count Dooku, occupied. Serenno was followed by many other key Separatist systems in the region, leading to a massive loss of ground to the Republic. This, combined with heavy damage to several of the biggest Separatist fleets (with only that under General Grievous's direct control remaining unscathed), led to the CIS being pushed to the defensive, and ultimately leading the the Outer Rim Sieges, which would occupy the final year of the war. Meanwhile, the Republic would continue its string of victories by winning out on Telmaros and capturing many other Separatist homeworlds after Serenno.