The Battle of Riaan was a space engagement between the Republic and the Fist of Justice concurrent with the Battle of Telmaros. It began when the Republic learned of the construction of ion cannons on the moon of Riaan with enough range to fire on the Republic fleet around Telmaros. Jedi Knights Siri Tachi and Mihra Reyven led a Republic attack on Riaan only to discover a huge detachment of the Fist of Justice fleet awaiting them there. Quickly the battle escalated into a major space affair that lasted several days, but the Fist of Justice fleet eventually retreated and the Republic captured Riaan. However, the result of the battle was satisfactory for Darth Nihalis, commander of the FoJ, who was then able to escape Telmaros in the absence of a Republic blockade.

Information Edit

Date: 11.9-13 20 BBY

Location: Orbit of the moon of Riaan.

Leaders: Siri Tachi, Mihra Reyven (Republic).

Victor: Republic.