The ambush on New Telmaros was the first aggression of the Coalition against the Blood Corps and its Republic after the growing tensions in 28 ABY. Generals Sheppard and Antilles authorized a covert assault on New Telmaros with the goal of quickly seizing the capital and overseeing a change in government, and removal of the Blood Corps leaders from power. However, the plan was discovered by the assassin Queen and word reached the Blood Corps just in time for a defense to be readied. Despite the forewarning, there were not enough ships or agents on New Telmaros to easily repel the Coalition strike force and a brutal battle ensued, covering the skies above the city and entering the streets when multiple landing ships succeeded in unloading their troops. One major casualty was the high-end shield generator, that could protect the city from almost any level of orbital bombardment, which was lost to a team of saboteurs

Information Edit

Date: 10.31.28 ABY

Location: In and above the city of New Telmaros, Taldornadi.

Leaders: Talon Bloed, Leia Organa, Bestine Holvin, Khlorinne Bloed, Corporal Jones (Blood Corps), General Sheppard [remotely], General Antilles [remotely], General McCulney (Coalition).

Combatants Edit

Blood Corps/New Telmaros Edit

Major Talon Bloed

Major Leia Organa

Commander Bestine Holvin

Commander Khlorinne Bloed

Corporal Jones

Blood Corps Pilots

Ayasac Team

New Telmaros Militia

Coalition Edit


Other Edit

Sergeant Kervis Griggs*


Black Queen

Jorum Bark

Sironne Ostobel

Rena Bark